My mantra didn’t work

It’s foolish to expect people to see your potential for more when you take crap from the beginning.

My sense of accomplishment does not diminish yours.

And if it does, you give me more power in your mind than I have requested.

(Mantra of the day).

Dr. Crane doubts he’ll be any help to my insomnia.

Dr. Crane doubts he’ll be any help to my insomnia.

I have a birthday coming. Just a suggestion.

I have a birthday coming. Just a suggestion.




I found out my Buzzfeed Old Person Name is Murray.

This is me.


You know when you are in the center of a pissing contest?

The shower of pee is hard to miss.

My newest supervisor and her superior are in a little battle. My supervisor is defending my honor from an anonymous rant that was put on a distribution list. It was such a non-starter, the person couldn’t even sign the note for it’s pettiness, but it’s out there.

It starts with my kids being kicked out of the youth designated areas at one of my job sites. They had an adult meeting that even the staff was uninformed would be happening. All of the kids were rightfully upset. My kids felt nervous and asked to sit in the back of my class. With permission from the class, they quietly played their DS games. I apologized again after class, explaining it was a one time miscommunication.

A week later someone posted the rant on the city’s website claiming my kid’s ruined her relaxation by being in the room. You know, breathing her rarifed air, I guess.

In the meantime, my boss’ supervisor, who was there when my kids joined me and made aware of the issue at the time said nothing, except for some made up trash talk about my immediate supervisor. His staff corrected him on the spot, but I made a mental note to watch this guy.

So, two weeks after the non-issue and a week after the rant, my supervisor emails me his response to all of this. She quietly defended me based on my explanation and gently suggested sharing information about facility limitations (game room closed for meetings, kids not allowed in pool during adult swim simultaneous to my class time, gym closed during class time, etc.). His response was a to let HER know the date of the next conflict. He mentioned the kids could use the areas that are known to be inaccessible during my class, as well.

By simple observation, her boss has less staff to manage (10-15 people for an entire facility) than my supervisor (who has 20 just in her department at a larger facility). From all the urine raining down on me, I’m inadvertently in the crossfire, but I don’t have to be. I was supposed to be an interem sub. I won’t be renewing any obligations with that guy if he expects more.

I Embrace Impermanence

Hence spending three hours applying soap and water to the floors, the walls, my clothes, my dishes and my person.

It lasted half an hour.

Had nice date in a dress and other girlie things.

Had nice date in a dress and other girlie things.

I want a tree house.

I want a tree house.

(via phunnythewayitis)

Posting pictures of a dryer isn’t sexy

However, knowing that our hard, often sweaty, work just bought ten years of convenience is badass motherfuckery at it’s finest.

Then again, maybe my expectations are lower than others.

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