Two Years Ago

  • I didn’t want to be a yoga instructor.
  • I didn’t even know half of the poses I can do now.
  • I didn’t know how to knit. 
  • I didn’t know how to crochet anything, not even little angry birds.
  • I only homeschooled one kid and planned to put him in public as soon as we moved. 
  • I would never have posted a picture of my ass (clothed, you pervs) on the internet, let alone have been proud of it.
  • I had a remarkably similar haircut to John Mayer’s. Sadly, that coincidence hasn’t changed. And I think I’m getting his Joe Cool mustache— damn you, whore-mones!
  • I weighed the same, but my clothes fit better. Still not sure how that works.
  • I wouldn’t write a bullet list other than for groceries, but I’ve learned to experiment in my writing. I’ve tried Tracingben’s style, Dear Meat submissions, and poetry (even before I met Thatchris and Rosemary though I’m glad to have them in company). 
  • I’ve been described  as “nerdy”, “smart”, an occasional “cute” and “funny”. Somehow, some of y’all put that together and labelled that “sexy”. That’s a new one this year.
  • I had imaginary friends. Y’all are real. It’s why I’ve stayed.
  1. naimhejeanne said: I think things shift because I’m having the same issue with clothes. Plus what’s with these thighs?
  2. dresspants said: I am glad you arrived.
  3. pandemiclaughter said: LOVE YOU!!!!!!
  4. citizenkerry said: WOW. You are such a great example of how much we can change in a year or two. Can’t believe how quickly you got so good at yoga. you must have a lot of innate talent, too, m’dear :)
  5. kimsca posted this
My name is Kim. I'm married to Morethanjustamullet. I'm a homeschooling parent and a yoga instructor. I talk about all of the above because they are the world to me.
Oh, and yarn!

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